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Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Hamblin –Healing the Body With Photobiomodulation


  Photobiomodulation therapy has important implications for health that many are still under-informed about. In this interview, photodynamic therapy researcher Michael Hamblin, Ph.D., who is an expert in this area, sets out to improve our understanding of this important field. Hamblin is a researcher and associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School. [...]

Light, purpose, connection, play and fulfillment


....light, purpose, connection, and play... let it fill every moment of our life.   Light. With light we can see and be seen, light is energy, light allows life. Light allow us to see and follow our purpose. Purpose.  It is the goal of all living things to fill their space, to make [...]

Wholeness 2.0 Healing -Awakening the mind to truth


Studies show good health is all important All healing is mental healing, or healing of the mind, followed by diet, exercise and liver cleansing. Supplements and other therapies are not what is most important, what is most important is healing of the mind. Healing is the awakening of the mind to truth to [...]