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The location for the Healing Service is temporarily being held at the same address as the office on the 5th floor.

Dear Patients,
Our next healing service is at the same address of our office in the 5th floor. I want to personally extend to each of you the great Joy, Peace and Love.
I have wonderful news that I want to share with you, we have a monthly Healing/Awakening Service on May 11th.  It’s the second Saturday of each month from 1-2 pm at 2103 SW 22 street, 5th floor Miami FL 33145.
Come and experience and learn what true healing is, the awakening and remembering of your true identity, God’s child. We will learn together how to unite and connect with the Holy Spirit, The present of God’s spirit in you and everyone. We will do it as a group and also for the whole planet.
Many blessings,
Dr Kirby Hotchner
Queridos pacientes,
Mi proximo servicio de sanacion tomara lugar este Sabado 11 de Mayo en la misma direccion de nuestra oficina en el 5to piso. 2103 SW 22 Street, Miami FL 33145 a la 1;00pm. Ven a aprender lo que es la verdadera sanacion, como hacerla por ti mismo y por los demas, como meditar, y lo mas importante la Verdad de quien tu eres y cual es tu papel aqui. Toda verdadera sanacion es de la Mente, este es el nivel causal.
Muchas Bendiciones,
Dr Kirby Hotchner
From May 1th, 2019 The healing service will be at our office address on the 5th floor. 
Desde Mayo 11, 2019 El proximo servicio de sanacion sera en la direccion de nuestras oficinas en el 5to piso.