Stem Cell Therapy Regenerates Health. Dr Mercola

Stem Cell Therapy Regenerates Health

Kristin Comella,1 named No. 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 stem cell innovators, has been a stem cell researcher for nearly two decades. In this interview, she discusses the enormous regenerative potential of stem cell therapy.

Comella, who holds degrees in chemical and biomedical engineering, began working with stem cells in graduate school, using a technique called magnetic cell sorting, which involves tagging nanoparticle magnets onto cells and then separating the cells based on the proteins they express.

“What we’ve learned over the years is that stem cells express different proteins than other kinds of cells in your body,” she explains. “That began my career in the field of stem cells.”


Stem Cell 101

The primary purpose of stem cells is to maintain, heal and regenerate tissues wherever they reside in your body. This is a continuous process that occurs inside your body throughout your life. If you didn’t have stem cells, your lifespan would be about an hour, because there would be nothing to replace exhausted cells or damaged tissue. In addition, any time your body is exposed to any sort of toxin, the inflammatory process causes stem cells to swarm the area to repair the damage.


Nourishing and Protecting Your Stem Cells Benefits Your Health


“You have to create an appropriate environment for these cells to function in. If you are putting garbage into your body and you’re constantly burdening your body with toxins, your stem cells are getting too distracted trying to fight off those toxins. By creating an appropriate environment, optimizing your diet and reducing exposure to toxins, that will allow the stem cells that we’re putting in to really home in and focus on the true issue that we’re trying to treat.

The other thing we’ve discovered over the years is that [stem cell therapy] is not the type of thing where you take one dose and you’re cured forever. Your tissues are constantly getting damaged … You’re going to have to repeat-dose and use those stem cells to your advantage.

When you think about a lizard that loses its tail, it takes two years to grow back the tail. Why would we put unrealistic expectations on the stem cells that we’re trying to apply to repair or replace damaged tissue? This is a very slow process. This is something that will occur over months and may require repeat dosing.”


  • The primary purpose of stem cells is to maintain, heal and regenerate tissue wherever they are in your body. This is a continuous process that occurs throughout your life


  • Adult stem cells can be isolated and replicated from your own body fat, and then injected back into an area that needs healing or regeneration. Stem cells can be stored for future use in special stem cell storage banks


  • Clinical indications include but are not limited to joint and tissue injuries, herniated and bulging discs, diabetes, organ damage, autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases and traumatic brain injuries



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