Video: Dr Hotchner Talks Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Kirby Hotchner Talks Stem Cells from George Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Dr. George Gonzalez, DC,QN  Founder of Quantum Neurology®, Hologram Podcast Host, Founder of Brainshock™ Interviews Dr. Hotchner on Stem Cell Therapy uses

“Our own bodies produce stem cells. From the time we are embryos to the time we are adult, those are the cells that are repairing and healing the body when it’s damaged. …As we aged the stem cells get a little bit senescent and they don’t work as well, they don’t repair quite as well…”

Click here to watch Dr Hotchner being interviewed by Dr George Gonzalez on The Hologram Podcast on Brain Balancing with Dr. Hotchner:

Dr. Hotchner uses Stem Cell Therapy as part of his targeted healing therapies when it is indicated for the patient. He is always looking for the best and most effective ways to help you heal and bring vibrancy to your life.   Each therapeutic prescription is highly personalized and takes into account all aspects of the individual and their needs.  This holistic approach allow us to select the holistic or western medical approach that will work best for you.

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“Our mission is to educate, support, and work with the patient as a team to help each person to heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I do this out of my passion to help each person rediscover their wholeness, their true identity as God’s creation and child.”

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