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Meet Dr. Hotchner and Team

Dr. Kirby Hotchner

My passion is to educate, inspire, and help others to realize their wholeness, their perfection, their true identity.

I offer them support and direction, helping them to create a lifestyle conducive to these realizations. I have had this passion since age 12 when I first decided I wanted to be a doctor. Even before going to medical school I became a certified yoga and meditation teacher and taught classes. I myself was healed of some chronic health issues by a homeopathic doctor which inspired my interest to explore more natural and wholistic means of healing.

I have been helping people for over 35 years, continuously learning and educating myself about the best healing methods in the world. I have had many teachers along the way the greatest being my patients. I am an ordained healing minister, reiki master, certified in Quantum neurology , and our newest addition will be doing adult stem cell therapy. We offer a very unique range and combination ofhealing modalities that you will not likely find under one roof in too many places in the world. We treat people of all ages with any condition always focusing on the whole person.

Graduated in 1976 from Washington University with a BA in Biology and then graduated with distinction with my DO degree from Des Moines University in 1981. I then served a 1 year internship in Saginaw Michigan followed by 1 year training in homeopathy in Chicago. I then the spent 15 years as an associate professor at 2 different osteopathic medical schools. In 1998 I went into full time private practice in Miami which I have been doing ever since. I am married and have 2 children

The Wholeness Center Team

Blenedy Vargas “Bella”

Nurse at The Wholeness Center Diagnostics

Being a nurse is one of my greatest accomplishments and my faith has only grown stronger from my experiences.
I began my medical career in 2005 in DR and since 2014 I have been working with Doctor Hotchner. My inspiration to become a nurse was watching my mom take care of elderly in their homes. The compassion she showed to her patients was so special, as she took care of them as if they were family. I was always trying to help her and learn something new with her. I have been unequivocally blessed to work with the most wonderful, talented, strong and ambitious man in the world. We are not just coworkers, we are a family.

khtest [at] bellsouth.net

Xenia Valois

Patient Administrator

I take care of the patients once the finish with the Doctor, help them with the Doctor’s recommendations and products.

I am a people oriented person and love to help. Worked for several years in non for profit organizations like a life coach, where I helped individuals to overcome crisis, fears and helped them achieve their goals, providing the necessary tools for it.

Every day to work, I bring a big smile and a great attitude.

khoffice [at] bellsouth.net

Gigi Noriega

Assistant Manager

In my position as Assistant Manager of the Wholeness Center I manage the day to day office activities that support Dr. Hotchner and the Wholeness Center’s mission to help patients achieve their highest level of well-being, physical and spiritual awakening.  My professional background includes founding and running a successful Holistic Wellness Center of my own as well as being the Creative Director for other centers in Miami and Miami Beach. Inspiring, educating and empowering clients to integrate health and wellness of body, mind and spirit into their lives was always my main focus. With my years of experience and training I am passionate about sharing my enthusiasm about the benefits of holistic wellness and in the process, help people discover these benefits, as well. Working with Dr. Hotchner, I continue to grow and renew my passion and hope to be an inspiration to help others.

khfrontdesk [at] bellsouth.net

Vanessa Diaz


I’m Vanessa I have an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Universidad Apec (Dominican Republic). I’ve worked in many different sales positions always oriented towards customer satisfaction. At The Wholeness Center my job is managing the pharmacy. My passion is to serve people. Alternative medicine is a great field for me to grow and learn as a professional.  

khpharmacy[at] bellsouth.net

Eda Harris


Although I have various degrees and one graduate, none of them have anything to do with any medical field. But… my “hobby” or true passion has been alternative medicine for myself, my family, my animals and my friends for the last 40 years. Through working with many alternative/integrative doctors and veterinarians and reading a lot about this amazing field, I learned a lot. I have been working for the wholeness center for the last 5 years, and my whole family has been in DR. Hotchner’s care for more than two decades.

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