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Photobiomodulation: The Role of Light in Preventing and Potentially Halting Alzheimer’s Disease


    Alzheimer's disease currently affects an estimated 5.4 million Americans.1 Projections suggest it will affect 1 in 4 Americans in the next 20 years, rivaling the current prevalence of obesity and diabetes and, by 2050, Alzheimer's diagnoses are projected to triple.2,3 Already, more than half a million Americans die from the disease each year, making it the [...]

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Hamblin -Healing the Body With Photobiomodulation


  Photobiomodulation therapy has important implications for health that many are still under-informed about. In this interview, photodynamic therapy researcher Michael Hamblin, Ph.D., who is an expert in this area, sets out to improve our understanding of this important field. Hamblin is a researcher and associate professor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School. [...]