Coronavirus – Dr Hotchner’s Message

To all patients:

I decided to send out an email to everyone as there have been many of you asking about what to do about the corona virus. First let’s put it in perspective, only about 2500 people have died since its inception. 38000 people die monthly from the flu. It is being all blown out of proportion by the press to create fear and panic just like in the past the swine flu, SARS, the bird flu and yearly the flu, none of which have every materialized to any significant extent.

To be truly free and protected we need to understand that all these things originate in the mind of man as universal beliefs in 2 powers. good and evil, which have been around for a very long time. We are all born into the mesmeric effect that these beliefs have on all of us as they bombard our mind thousands of times day and night most coming in at a subconscious level. Incur spiritual ignorance we are susceptible to being affected by these beliefs which literally hypnotize our mind, creating the sensations of a false world which isn’t really there but to us it seems to be.

These are impersonal universal beliefs, so the first step is to impersonalize them. Second, that which doesn’t arise in the mind of God has no spiritual reality, power or law, it is nothingness. So we need to do nothing all these shadows and do nothing to them no reaction no attempt to heal, fix change, overcome, rise above or anything as that will only serve to make them grow stronger in our mind and feel more powerful.

Everyone is chasing shadows. That which is not of God isn’t real and has no existence and nothing need be done to it.

Next it is important to understand that God the infinite invisible manifests individually as soul, spirit, life, mind , body all that we are. Not our human self but our divine self which is our only reality. So we need to open our consciousness to the divine presence and let it out and through to reveal itself to us as us. We come each time only to experience our oneness nothing else.

To realize I and my father are one or I in the midst of me is God. After a moment of contemplating that we simply get quiet and say now Father speak I your servant heareth. And we simple listen, empty, open and receptive to whatever. We take several periods like this especially on waking and ongoing to sleep every day so as the suggestions from the world come in they will just dissolve in the light of our awakened consciousness of truth with God as the only power and law we are under.

As we dwell in the secret place of the most high all these hypnotic appearances will not touch us. See the other attachment I am sending on these 3 principles and listen on YouTube to the 3 videos I recommend there by Joel Goldsmith.

Dr Hotchner


Healing consciousness see Joel Goldsmith the infinite way videos on you tube especially the Thunder of Silence part 1 and 2 and the Deep Silence of My Peace and his books on amazon It is only knowing the truth that will set you free. And the truth is that I is your true identity and at the center of your being that I is God, infinite individuality and your only reality. This has to be fully accepted and rooted in your consciousness by daily practice and opening to this I of your being to receive its Grace. Also and equally important is that everything else you perceive and experience whether it enters your mind consciously or unconsciously is a universal mesmerism formed by the worlds belief in 2 powers good and evil . This occurs from the time of conception so everything you are told, hear, see, and all that arrives from all the thoughts of the world floods into the mind daily from all those that have ever existed. Universal beliefs like birth death, disease, evil, poverty, aging etc. The I that you are is eternal, unchanging, immortal, and is your and everyone else’s soul, mind, consciousness, self, life, and the substance of all form. It is God manifesting as individual self infinitely. As we meditate on this daily, accept it, practice it, and live it it will eventually become our realized awakened state of consciousness and that will dissolve all sense of separation from God and all the universal hypnotic appearances of the world’s beliefs that are constantly bombarding your mind.

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